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The Team: Anna
I have been a lifeguard for 15 years and have been teaching swimming to children of various age groups for many years. I am a certified swimming and diving instructor. With my background in biology, particularly behavioral biology and therapeutic education, I have valuable knowledge that helps me provide optimal support for each course participant. There are different paths to successful swimming, and every child learns differently. For me, it is important that learning to swim is motivating and that a small new success is visible after each lesson!
I have been a diving instructor for 16 years and have gained a lot of experience with children and adults in swimming, snorkeling, and diving!
All courses are available in English, Spanish, and French.

That's the goal!
My main task is to teach children from 2 years old how to survive in the water and how to swim. With water toys, kickboards, and noodles, they can easily learn, have fun, and enjoy the lessons. Neoprene suits are available to keep them warm and comfortable. All courses are also available for adults of all ages, whether they are beginners or good swimmers looking to improve their technique. For babies from 6 months old, I provide "swimming lessons" in the form of baby swimming. The main focus is on getting them accustomed to the water and comfortable in this new environment. If the baby and parents are willing, they can also practice submersion and start with initial swimming exercises. For adult groups of all ages, I offer water aerobics courses. The lessons are combined with music in a sporty and playful manner. Additionally, I offer snorkeling trips from the beach and provide an introduction to the use of masks, snorkels, and fins. I demonstrate how to dive to the seabed. I have an underwater camera and can take videos and photos of the participants.

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