Individuell und professionell ortsflexibel -  Individually and professionally at your place - Individual y profesional a domicilio

The team: Anna
I have been a lifeguard for 14 years and have been giving swimming lessons to children of different ages for many years. I am a qualified swimming and diving instructor. Through my studies in biology, especially behavioural biology and therapeutic pedagogy, I have valuable background knowledge that helps me to provide the optimal support for each course participant. There are different ways to swim successfully and every child learns differently. What is important to me is that learning to swim is motivating and that a small new success is visible after every lesson!
I have been an instructor for 15 years and have gained a lot of experience with children and adults in swimming, snorkelling and diving!

All courses are available in German, English, Spanish and French.

That is the goal!
My main job is to teach children from 2 years old how to survive in the water and how to swim. With water toys, swimming boards and swimming noodles, they can learn with ease, have fun and enjoy the lessons. Wetsuits are available so that they don't freeze but feel comfortable. If there is sufficient demand, all courses are of course also offered for adults, whether they are beginners or good swimmers who want to improve their swimming technique. For babies from 6 months I give "swimming lessons", in the form of baby swimming. The main aim is to get them used to the water and to feel comfortable in the new element. If baby and parents want, they can also practice submersion and do their first swimming exercises. I offer water gymnastics classes for adult groups of all ages. The lessons are combined with music in a sporty and playful way. I also offer snorkelling trips from the beach and give an introduction to the use of mask, snorkel and fins. I show how to dive to the bottom of the sea. I have an underwater camera and can take videos and photos of the participants.

Baby swimming from 6 months:

Baby swimming is a misleading term because your baby is not yet learning to swim properly. It is rather water gymnastics for parents and child. Babies are allowed to get used to the element of water, try out new ways of getting around and learn to stay afloat with a little help. The buoyancy of the water makes it easier for the muscles, which are not yet as strong, to move. In baby swimming, special exercises are used to train certain reflexes and sequences of movements in order to promote motor development. The joint movements in the water have a positive effect on your baby's motor skills and body perception and strengthen its sense of balance. A positive additional effect for mum: water gymnastics with child supports physical regression after birth.

Swimming lessons for children from 2 years

The children are individually supported according to their abilities and interests. It is possible to obtain the swimming badge Seahorse or Bronze if the respective course objectives are achieved. However, the focus is on the joy of water, movement and play, so that the children learn with ease and without pressure. Whether the courses last 30 or 45 minutes can be decided individually and depends on the children's ability to concentrate and stamina. The aim should be that a small success is visible after each lesson and thus self-motivation is encouraged.

Swimming lessons for adults

The swimming courses for adults are aimed at non-swimmers, water phobics and experienced swimmers who want to improve their technique. We first discuss what needs to be learned, and then we plan the training that suits best. In contrast to children's swimming, the focus is less on games and more on direct swimming technique.

Water gymnastics

Doing sports with music and swimming noodles during the hot summer time and having fun is the motto! Whether old or young, everyone can participate and will be supported according to their condition and abilities! The training is particularly easy on the joints and holistic.

Snorkelling course

An introduction to the use of mask, snorkel and fins is given from the beach. The course is aimed at children from 3 years and adults. No previous experience is necessary. Buoyancy aids are available for non-swimmers. A snorkelling tour will be made together and fish and octopuses will be searched for together! Videos and photos can be taken with a GOPRO camera, which will then be delivered! Good swimmers learn apnoea diving and with a little practice can dive to the seabed and collect shells. The course lasts approx. 90 minutes.


In cooperation with Big Blue diving Ibiza, diving courses and dives can be made. Under professional guidance, PADI Scuba diver courses can be done in 1 day, PADI Open water diver in 2 days, Advanced OWD, Rescue and Divemaster courses. All skills are practised in the sea and pool and theory is discussed individually. The first dives are possible for children from 8 years, diving courses from 10 years.

I offer babysitting for children of all ages. I am a mother of two children and therefore have a lot of experience in the area with the smallest babies. 2022 updated first aid and resuscitation courses in the area of adults and children / infants have been completed. Especially if a relationship of trust already exists through joint swimming courses, the care for the children is even more pleasant, but is also no problem if you first get to know each other. I look forward to your enquiry!